5 Brilliant Ideas for Bathroom Stained Glass in Your Dallas Home

5 Brilliant Ideas for Bathroom Stained Glass in Your Dallas Home

Give your bathroom a fresh, new look and protect your privacy with bathroom stained glass. Bathroom stained glass is highly popular here in Dallas, and there’s good reason why too! Stained glass adds beauty and functionality to bathroom windows. And it’s totally easy to maintain and affordable!

Not sure where to start with your renovations? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We put together this list of five fun ways you can incorporate stained glass in the new look for your bathroom!

Five Excellent Ideas for Using Stained Glass in Your Bathroom

1. Bathroom cabinets
bathroom cabinet stained glass

Conceal cabinet clutter and add some extra shine to your bathroom with stained glass cabinets in your bathroom. Stained glass helps to add variety to your bathroom design by breaking up the wood in your cabinets.

2. Privacy stained glass windows

Protect your privacy and comfort by replacing ordinary bathroom windows with privacy stained glass. Privacy stained glass creates a barrier between you and the outside world without reducing the amount of sunlight coming into your bathroom.

3. Custom shower

Give your bathroom a high end look by using custom stained glass for your shower. Stained glass adds beauty and privacy to outdoor showers, walk in showers, and regular glass showers too.

4. Stained glass transoms
bathroom stained glass transoms

Enhance your bathroom design in a unique way with stained glass transoms. Transoms help to create a sense of height and depth in your bathroom and allow extra sunlight to come in. They can make your bathroom look bigger, brighter, and more complete.

5. Texas pride

Show off your pride for your home state with Texas pride themed stained glass. Opt for the ever popular lone star design or go bold with an image representing your favorite sports team!

Bathroom Stained Glass Experts in Dallas

Stained Glass Dallas is the number one source for high quality bathroom stained glass in the Dallas metropolitan area. We’ve been working in the stained glass industry for over 25 years! Call us today to speak to a designer about your upcoming project!

Martin Faith

Martin Faith is a master craftsman, builder, and designer of stained glass windows. Martin learned the art of glassmaking while living in Scotland, where he was born and raised. He has been studying stained glass as an art form for over 30 years. When he moved to the U.S., Martin opened his own shop and started selling antique and custom stained glass windows. Martin's areas of expertise range from historic and religious stained glass to popular styles such as art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, beveled, Greene & Green, and prairie. Over the years, his company has produced and sold over 50,000 stained glass windows to customers located in Dallas and throughout the country.

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