Stained Glass Installation

Stained Glass Installation

When you purchase a stained glass window from Scottish, the installation is always included. There are many methods we can utilize when it comes to installing our windows. However, we generally prefer to maintain your existing windows and their insulating qualities. In order to do this, we simply bond the finished stained or leaded glass piece to the inside of your window.

Stained Glass and Clear Glass

If your existing window has clear glass, whether it is a double or single pane, we can attach our leaded glass to the interior. The new stained glass piece will then essentially become another pane of glass. This helps to add to the thermal qualities of the overall window. When the stained glass is viewed from the inside, it will appear that the stained glass is the only glass in place. You will even be able to feel the lead lines and texture variations of the different types of glass. Of course, there will still be the clear glass on the outside which will protect the stained glass from the elements and eventual deterioration.

New Construction Projects

For projects involving new construction, it is important to take into account the building codes that must be followed. Oftentimes safety glass is required in certain areas of the home. Scottish Stained Glass always works within these stipulations to ensure a safe, high-quality install. For example, in bathrooms, the stained glass we manufacture will sometimes need to be sandwiched inside of a double pane. This means that you will have clear safety glass on either side of the leaded glass piece. We also recommend this installation technique if there are grid lines in between the existing double panes because that allows us to remove them.

Installation Options

Your Scottish Stained Glass designer will discuss the various options for the installation of the glass, and help to determine which process will work best for your space. Additionally, our full-time installer will visit you prior to the manufacturing of your stained or leaded glass window. This allows us to confirm all of the exact measurements and answer any technical questions you may have.