Custom Stained Glass Process

Stained Glass Process

Though we have been creating stained and leaded glass for over 20 years, every stained glass window produced by Scottish Stained Glass in Dallas is custom designed. This allows us to coordinate with the design features of your home, whether it is colors or details in your furniture and fixtures that we are trying to match. Also, because all of our windows are made per order, we have the ability to create pieces of any shape or size. When our designers visit with you, they will take the time to look at the interior design and architecture of the exterior of your home before determining the style of stained glass that is most suitable for you.

Our Expert Stained Glass Designers

Our designers will bring a collection of photographs to show you. The hundreds of photos of custom stained glass windows we have produced here in Dallas, Texas, will help you to get your thoughts collected. Once you have an idea of the design style you prefer we will draw out design examples. This hands-on approach allows you to have input and control in the design process. Plus, you are able to instantly see the designs right there in your home.

Creating The Final Product

Once you’ve decided on a design, or at least have it narrowed down, our unique CAD system allows us to show you your glass design drawn out to scale. We will even provide you with a colorized copy to show you what all of the glass choices will look like once the window is built. Essentially, you are able to see your stained or leaded glass window before it is produced. By using this system our clients know what to expect. There are no doubts or worries about the final product, and our clients are always thrilled with the finished product.

Start Your Stained Glass Next Project

Scottish Stained Glass has been serving homeowners with stained glass in Texas for over 20 years, and our glass is all made locally. We serve other areas of Texas besides Dallas, too. We cover the entire state, and we have branches in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Call or email us today, and we will help you come up with a custom designed piece of stained glass that will last you a lifetime.