Stained Glass Styles

Stained Glass Styles For Dallas Homes

Scottish Stained Glass is the nations leading custom stained glass studio and we can produce stained glass of any style. Whether you are mimicking an existing style or creating a new style all of your own, our talented designers will work with you to using the best technologies and our time-tested process.
Dallas Stained Glass Styles

The Most Popular Stained Glass Styles in Dallas

Some of the most popular styles of glass we provide include Frank Lloyd Wright, Mackintosh, Celtic, floral, and two styles that we call “Traditional” and “Contemporary”

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Frank Llyod Wright stained glass is inspired by the famous American architect. It emphasizes natural colors and textures and is generally based on the use of geometrically complimentary circles, alternating chevrons, and small patterns of squares.

Mackintosh Stained Glass

Mackintosh stained glass, inspired by the Scottish master Charles Rennie Mackintosh are a somewhat Art Nouveau looking window, emphasizing a broad range of color, and often focusing on flowers as the focal point.

Traditional Stained Glass

Celtic, Traditional, and Contemporary stained glass are the terms we use to describe the great majority of the glass we build, including leaded and textured glasses complimented by bevel clusters. These styles can fit into almost any Dallas home and provide both privacy and elegance to some of the modern window covering concerns, including sidelights, entryway doors, and bathroom windows.

Alternative Options

Floral stained glass, and especially our signature “Aspen” stained glass collections are another popular option for Dallas homes. This styles emphasize modern interpretations of organic elements and brings nature into your home in a beautiful and lasting way.