Stained glass windows can be the string that ties your home decor together.

Stained glass windows can be the string that ties your home decor together.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home that had the same style carried throughout the entire house? Instead of each room having a different tone or character, they all had a similar look and feel. If you have seen a house designed in this fashion, you might have noticed how it created a sense of unity throughout the entire home. Houses with this kind of unified design feel good.

Creating this unity can be done with using the same family of paint colors on all the walls, with carrying the same carpeting throughout the home, or by decorating in a specific and distinctive style. It can also be done by adding similarly patterned or colored stained glass windows or doors throughout. Unlike carpeting or wall color, this will become a focal point, perhaps even a conversation starter in your home, as your guests will marvel over your savvy and sophisticated design abilities.

Stained glass windows are a great way to add unity throughout your entire home. If you are going to add stained glass in more than one room, you might want to consider using clear, frosted, or textured glass designs. In this way, the pattern and glass you choose will be sure to match every room, and it will blend in to unify your home’s style instead of becoming a distraction.

One of our most popular stained glass custom commissions in Dallas is for the entryway of a home. It does look phenomenal when the sidelights, front door, and transom above the door are all done in a matching pattern of stained glass.


Take a look at some of our stained glass entryways here.

But when it comes to stained glass windows in your home, we say . . . why stop there?

Take that exact same pattern you had installed in your entryway and add it to other doors in your home, perhaps the pantry door, the wine cellar door, or even the sliding glass patio door. Take that exact same pattern and put a matching stained glass window in the hallway, the stairwell, the bathroom, or the bay window in your living room.

Stained glass windows add beauty, value, uniqueness, elegance, and style to any home. Are they your style? Dallas Stained Glass would love to earn your business. We offer the highest-quality hand-crafted stained glass, outstanding customer service, and free, in-home consultations with our experienced designers.

Each one of our stained glass windows is custom designed, custom crafted, and built and polished by hand. What kind of stained glass windows can you imagine in your home? Which rooms would you like them in?

Let us know and we’ll be delighted to build them. Contact Dallas Stained Glass today.

Martin Faith

Martin Faith is a master craftsman, builder, and designer of stained glass windows. Martin learned the art of glassmaking while living in Scotland, where he was born and raised. He has been studying stained glass as an art form for over 30 years. When he moved to the U.S., Martin opened his own shop and started selling antique and custom stained glass windows. Martin's areas of expertise range from historic and religious stained glass to popular styles such as art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, beveled, Greene & Green, and prairie. Over the years, his company has produced and sold over 50,000 stained glass windows to customers located in Dallas and throughout the country.

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