Scottish Stained Glass Offers Gorgeous Custom Stained Glass to Dallas Texas

Dallas, Texas is not just the one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire South, it’s also home to the Dallas Cowboys and the inspiration for more than one TV series. This iconic city is famed for its larger than life citizenry.

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to bring their beautiful stained glass windows, stained glass doors, stained glass hanging panels, stained glass custom lighting, stained glass bar backdrops, stained glass ceilings, and more to the discerning homeowners and business owners of Dallas Texas.

We believe nothing says class, elegance, and uniqueness like our custom stained glass.


Residential Stained Glass For Dallas Homes

In Dallas, decorating one’s home is a hobby for some, an obsession for others. Dallas homeowners love to entertain and show off their grand homes. And why not? Take that décor to the next level of loveliness with a stained glass entryway, stained glass bathroom windows, or even stained glass kitchen cabinet doors. Stained glass does not just add beauty. It can also add some much-needed privacy, while still letting in the sunlight. It can even block that awful view of your neighbor’s shed and replace it with something much more delightful to look at.

We work one on one with each client in the comfort of their own homes, designing the perfect stained glass windows that match their tastes and their homes’ décor.

Commercial Stained Glass for Dallas Offices and Businesses

Sometimes a business wants more privacy as well. We add striking leaded and beveled stained glass windows to Dallas’ shops and salons, offices, and restaurants. This adds a truly elegant and classic touch, the needed privacy, and all without blocking the natural light. Other businesses like brightly colored designs, sometimes integrating the business’ name right into the pattern.

When it comes to custom stained glass, we can work in any style, any colors, any size or shape for any commercial space. No job is too big or too small.

Adding stained glass will create an atmosphere and a look that your clients will love!

Religious Stained Glass for Dallas Houses of Worship

Church stained glass has a long and gorgeous history in houses of worship around the world. We work one on one with Dallas churches, chapels (including home chapels), cathedrals, religious schools, sanctuaries, temples, and any other house of worship. Our designs are always tailored to our clients’ desires and budgets. From the most traditional biblical scenes to modern symbols or abstract designs, we design, build, and expertly install stunning religious stained glass.


For any Dallas churches who have older stained glass that might be in need of some TLC, we offer expert repair and full stained glass restoration services as well. Since a stained glass window in need of repair will continue to deteriorate over time, we urge any potential Dallas restoration clients to contact us right away.

About Us

Scottish Stained Glass has over two decades of crafting custom stained glass windows, with over 60,000 windows installed to date.