Dalle De Verre

We are proud to offer our expert design and restoration services for Dalle Glass in Dallas. Dalle de Verre is a captivating art form that relies on thick slabs of colored glass to produce a mosaic-like aesthetic. Though it is becoming increasingly rare, Dalle de Verre is admired for its distinct beauty, colorful appearance, and dazzling ability to capture and refract light.


Dallas’ Dalle de Verre Experts

We are honored to be one of the very few studios that specializes in Dalle de Verre in Dallas. Though Dalle Glass can be found in abundance throughout Texas and the United States, very few artists today have working knowledge of this technique since it is nearly 100 years old. Dalle de Verre was invented in 1930 by a famous Parisian artist named Jean Gaudin. The technique relies heavily on thick slabs of colored glass which are composed into an abstract arrangement. Therefore, it makes sense that the name “Dalle de Verre” is a French name that means “slabs of glass.”

To produce Dalle Glass, the artist starts by cutting out individual shapes from thick slabs of colored glass. Each piece is carefully chiseled to produce a faceted aesthetic. Then, a flat bed of sand is poured out onto a board and the glass is set on top and arranged in a pattern of the artist’s choosing. Next, epoxy is poured between the grooves to produce a mortar that secures the glass in place. Next, more sand is added to the channels that lie between the glass pieces, producing a tiled or grouted aesthetic. Once this dries, the panel is finished and mounted into place.


Dalle Glass Repair & Restoration

Restoration is usually required for Dalle Glass once it reaches an age of about 50-60 years old. Usually, this is when the epoxy mortar starts to weaken and crack. Since the majority of Dalle Glass in the U.S. was made between the years 1960-1970, much of it is reaching the point where repairs are necessary.

Our restoration process begins with a visit to your location in Dallas to see the Dalle Glass in person. We examine its condition, then compile a report of our findings as well as possible options for repair. After sharing this report, we wait for your approval to begin the restoration process.

We start the repairs by removing one or two sections of glass at a time. These are taken back to our studio where they can be repaired in a safe, controlled environment. The glass is take apart and the edges are cleaned to remove all remaining epoxy. Then, the glass is arranged according to the original pattern and cemented in place with new epoxy mortar. Though this process may sound simple, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, we are sure you will agree with us that it is worth it once you see how stunning and beautiful your Dalle Glass looks in the end.


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