Flower Mound

Stained Glass Dallas Brings Custom Stained Glass Designs to Residents of Flower Mound Texas

Flower Mound, Texas is a rapidly growing suburb situated on the basin of the Trinity River in the Eastern Cross Timbers subregion in Texas. This master-planned community is big on family life and filled with homeowners who want their homes to reflect their personality and their great taste.

With our stained glass designs, Flower Mound residents can adorn their homes, offices, or commercial establishments with the most beautiful stained glass. Our windows can be made any size or shape for any type room. Stained glass adds a certain uniqueness, a classic elegance, and interest to the room, or perhaps even a focal point and a missing wow factor.

For our residential clients, we create stained glass entryways, including the sidelights, the front door, and even the transom window above the door—if any. Since stained glass can also add much-needed privacy without blocking light, it is also wonderful in the bathroom, in the hallway, or even in the basement. Stained glass in the kitchen is a fantastic alternative to a whole kitchen makeover. It lightens and brightens a space and is wonderful and unique in the kitchen cabinet doors, a perfect and affordable upgrade for Flower Mound homeowners who really don’t like their kitchen cabinets but don’t want the trouble or expense of replacing them.

Bathroom Stained Glass Dallas

For our commercial clients, we can do stained glass windows, doors, backdrops, lighting, even ceilings. Whether vividly colored or completely colorless, stained glass takes a business’ décor to a whole new level that says class and success. Your customers and guests will definitely notice!

Religious stained glass has a long history in the Dallas area, and Flower Mound churches are no exception. One such example is the stained glass in the Flower Mound Presbyterian Church on Flower Mound Road.

For our religious/church clients, we are honored to build the most detailed and stunning religious stained glass art. We work one on one with churches of any denomination, chapels (including the in-home chapel), sanctuaries, rectories, Bible schools, temples, and any and all other houses of worship.

Stained Glass Sunroom

Our stained glass designs can be traditional scenes from the Old or New Testament, or more modern religious symbols, icons, and abstract designs. Each design is fully customized and handcrafted using the highest quality materials. We expect our church stained glass to last a century or more and be a source of inspiration to all who see it!

About Us:

Stained Glass Dallas has twenty plus years of experience in the finest stained glass windows available today. With over 60,000 windows installed nationwide, we offer the passion, the experience, the flexibility, and the customer service to create the perfect windows or doors for any client’s tastes.

We come directly to your home, office, or house of worship to collaborate with you on the style, the design, the colors. Our designers, builders, and installers are all specially trained and incredibly talented.