Church Stained Glass Restoration & Repair

Stained Glass Dallas is pleased to offer stained glass restoration and repair to churches across Texas and the United States. We have extensive expertise in the area of restoring antique or damaged stained glass, and an immense appreciation for the artworks of the preceding generations of stained glass artists.

Stained glass installations in churches swept the country starting around the beginning of the twentieth century. That means that many of these magnificent stained glass works are now either antiques, or getting close. And hundred year old stained glass might have various issues, which if not addressed, could lead to the window deteriorating to the point where it can no longer be repaired or restored, and must be entirely replaced.

That would be a great loss, not just in value, but in history for that church. We’ve heard time and time again that religious stained glass means a great deal to the church members who take inspiration from it.

Church Stained Glass Repair

If stained glass windows have some chipped, cracked, or missing pieces of glass, they might only need minor repairs to replace those pieces. In these instances, we would start at the edge of the panel nearest the damaged glass, and only disassemble the piece as much as is necessary to reach and replace the cracked or missing pieces of glass. Then we clean and polish the entire window and reinstall it back into its original location.

Church Stained Glass Restoration

Many times, particularly with larger stained glass windows, a full restoration of the piece is necessary. This can happen if the weight of gravity over time has caused the window to sag or bow. The stress of this sagging can cause the glass to start cracking or fall out altogether. A stained glass window is held together with strips of lead between each piece of glass, that’s what gives it its characteristic stained glass look. But lead, although heavy, is rather soft and it can become bent, brittle, or otherwise damaged over time.

For a full church stained glass restoration project, we would remove the damaged windows, take them to our studio, and completely disassemble the piece. Any damaged glass would be matched and replaced with new glass. All of the lead would be replaced as well, with new strips that are fortified for strength on the inside. We use special dark leads that will still leave the stained glass window with that antique appearance. But we also clean and polish it, so its original beauty and luster is restored.

When it comes to reinstalling a large church stained glass window after restoration, we have several decisions to make. Depending on the size and the location, we might add steel supports into the frame, for added strength and security. And we add two plain glass panes of glass to the exterior, to fully protect the stained glass from anything the Texas climate can throw at it.

Our church stained glass repair and restoration processes can result in a window that is sturdier and better equipped to last centuries than it was in its original installation.

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