The 3 Top Benefits From Stained Glass in Your Dallas Entryway

The 3 Top Benefits From Stained Glass in Your Dallas Entryway

The entryway to your home is where you welcome people in. It is as much a demonstration of your personal style to the outside world as it is a critical design element to your home. Which is why stained glass doors, sidelights and entry windows are such a compelling place to use stained glass. Yes, they are an artful upgrade which will likely outlive you in your Dallas home but they serve several purposes beyond just their lovely appearance. 

  1. Add Privacy To Your Dallas Home With Stained Glass In Your Entryway: Stained glass is gorgeous but–oh so functional when it comes down to it. It serves as a barrier between your family and the eyes of the outside world. Giving you respite from the hustle and bustle of an increasingly crowded Dallas. The best part about stained glass on your entryway windows is–it will never make you feel “closed in”. With semi-to fully private designs you can choose your level of coverage and every design lets in abundant natural light. Which brings us to the next benefit.
  2. Add More Natural Light to Your Home with Stained Glass in Your Entryway: A house full of natural light undoubtedly increases your quality of life. It makes interiors look bigger and adds ambiance to boot. Stained glass is perfect for this. Allowing in a ton of natural light but with any design you would like to grace your home, it is as functional is it is beautiful. Whether you choose a window with a sophisticated mix of frosted and clear glass or a whimsical custom creation in a style all your own, personal and aesthetic value are undeniable.
  3. An Entryway with Stained Glass Windows Adds Value to Your Home: Judging a book by its cover is the norm in the real estate world. When you add stained glass to the entryway windows and doors of your Dallas home, you add curb appeal. This translates to real-life dollars–ask any realtor! Whether you are selling your home in the near future or in many years to come, consider adding stained glass windows and reap the benefit of home improvement with high ROI.

For more information on entryway stained glass or stained glass for any other window in your Dallas home, contact us at Stained Glass Dallas today to schedule a design consultation.

Martin Faith

Martin Faith is a master craftsman, builder, and designer of stained glass windows. Martin learned the art of glassmaking while living in Scotland, where he was born and raised. He has been studying stained glass as an art form for over 30 years. When he moved to the U.S., Martin opened his own shop and started selling antique and custom stained glass windows. Martin's areas of expertise range from historic and religious stained glass to popular styles such as art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, beveled, Greene & Green, and prairie. Over the years, his company has produced and sold over 50,000 stained glass windows to customers located in Dallas and throughout the country.

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