Why You Need to See the Stained Glass Windows in this Dallas Area Chapel

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Why You Need to See the Stained Glass Windows in this Dallas Area Chapel

If you ever find yourself in the Northern part of Texas, there’s one place that you definitely want to put on your sightseeing list. The Little Chapel in the Woods is one of Texas’ greatest contributions to modern architecture. Enclosed within its walls are several beautiful and unique stained glass windows that are considered some of the most treasured pieces of art in the Dallas area.

Dallas’ Hidden Treasure: The Little Chapel in the Woods

Just a few miles north of Dallas is an architectural monument that’s long held the title of one of the most outstanding buildings in Texas. The Little Chapel in the Woods is a small building that was erected in the city of Denton during the era of the Great Depression. Many people now know it as one of the most popular wedding venues and tourist attractions in Northern Texas. But there’s also one interesting feature that gives this little church big impact. Inside its walls are several gorgeous and beautiful stained glass windows. Visitors from Dallas and other nearby areas flock to the church just to get a glimpse of their beautiful intricacy and detail.

But appearance isn’t the only thing that makes these stained glass windows amazing. The windows were actually created as a homage to the accomplishments and virtues of the female gender. With titles like the “Motherhood Window” and the “Nursing Window” each one contributes to a general theme referred to as “Window Ministering to the Human Needs.” Each stained glass panel illustrates woman in her many different roles throughout history and were designed by graduate student Beatrice Paschall.

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It can be safely argued that the stained glass is one of the main reasons why the chapel has received so much attention and praise and been awarded with highly esteemed recognition such as Denton County’s “Best Wedding Venue” and “Texas Proudest Architectural Achievements of All Time.” The chapel is indeed the pride and glory of the campus of Texas’ Woman’s University. With such a beautiful message and stunning appearance, it’s easy to see why the stained glass in the Little Chapel in the woods is considered one of Dallas’ most treasured works of art.

Stained Glass for Dallas Churches

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